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ADVANCED BROWSING TOKEN – Navigate safer, smarter, faster

Continually matrix low-risk high-yield technology through tactical benefits. Energistically streamline an expanded array of human capital after enabled deliverables. Objectively disintermediate long-term high-impact action items via worldwide experiences. Dynamically disseminate enabled networks after pandemic leadership skills.

Our mission is to provide through the ABT Protocol intuitive (plug & play) methods to facilitate the implementation of its blockchain browsing features to any browser, website or app wishing to benefit from our dynamic multi-browsing technology and related blockchain features. We aim, through this implementation process, to enable companies to optimally design their web tools and web display to maximise their effectiveness and their users Internet use benefits.

About Advanced Browsing Token

Digital Secure Identity & Login
Create and update your digital identity from your ABT Wallet. Login to any service or compatible website with your ABT digital identity, securely, without any password. Your browsing environment is safe.

Multi-web objects Boards Management
Save, duplicate and share your multi-web objects Boards and Bookmarks within the Blockchain. Keep your web space safe. Increase online navigation efficiency and speed. Promote various social browsing network activities.

Domain Name System
Rent domains in a decentralised way and promote your multi-web objects Boards and Bookmarks through a dedicated URL such as ABT://best-restaurants-in-barcelona

Automatic Payment Subscription
Subscribe to services through your ABT wallet or suggest to your followers to subscribe to your services and pay through their ABT wallets.

Smart Multi-web objects display
You may display and manage multi-web objects in batches, displayed in a full screen mode or on infinite scrollable boards. All instantly and simultaneously active and visible and form a dynamic personalised online space (environment).