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TRIMPO – Blockchain-based E-commerce Ecosystem

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Trimpo is an e-commerce ecosystem; at present we provide a platform for merchants to manage their products and sales on worlds’ biggest marketplaces, namely eBay and Amazon, on social network VK and on Yandex.Market from their Trimpo account, as well as create price lists for CPC/PPC sales channels. Merchants list their products, indicate their sales conditions (e.g. delivery, payment), receive messages and feedback from users, etc. in their personal account at We want to continue developing Trimpo ecosystem, and let our merchants sell on all large marketplaces (e.g. AliExpress, Etsy, Global.Rakuten, Flipkart, etc.) and give them the opportunity to integrate will all social networking websites and messengers; make it possible for the suppliers to sell their products directly to customers, and let the customers buy products at lower prices and with opportunity to pay with cryptocurrencies.

About Trimpo

Trimpo is already helping a number of merchants to sell their products on marketplaces, and we aspire to add to both numbers — helping more merchants to expand their business and integrate our platforms with more online marketplaces.

We will also launch Trimpo Marketplace with payment on Trimpo blockchain, allowing merchants to benefit from low commission and customers from lower costs, working on offering best services possible and advancing towards the future of e-commerce — blockchain marketplaces. Trimpo will develop trustbased relationships within the marketplace ecosystem.

Trimpo B2B marketplace will offer value added services to suppliers, give them the ability to post their product information and find merchants easily, and the ability to work with merchants on preferential terms, making use of the safety and transparency of Trimpo’s blockchain platform.

Finally, Trimpo will go further and create a subsystem — a Big Data bank, with analytics on e-commerce, ranging from trends to specific recommendations for the whole spectrum of businesses in online commerce.

Our ultimate goal is the creation of an Ecosystem, that will unite customers, merchants and suppliers, and that will offer interfaces for partnership programs for all kinds of service providers, e.g. in logistics, marketing and advertising, and at a later stage in financial services.